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Sierra Leone Sports: Police Cancel WAFRA jogging

The Sierra Leone Police has cancelled the Western Area Football Referees Association (WAFRA) jogging that was supposed to take place on Saturday 10th February 2018.
According to the coordinator, Anabi Yusfu Kamara the cancellation is as a result of the temporary ban that was placed on all jogging by the Sierra Leone Police (SLP) till after the general elections.
He went further to say the Association regrets any inconvenience caused this cancellation and will inform all and sundry especially our revered donors and well wishers who have contributed immensely towards the success of this all important jogging event.
According to reliable information from the police they banned group jogging in the street on the grounds that it encourages disruptive behavior since July last year
“Police headquarters has observed with dismay that people are in the habit of jogging in large numbers along the streets with a hint of menace, raining insults, obstructing traffic, pounding on vehicles, playing loud music, and snatching property from other members of the public,” police in the west African state announced.
The letter, dated 27 July, said an immediate ban on such activities was being enforced “in line with the constitutional consideration for public order and safety”.
That announcement caused upset among some in the capital of Freetown. Mohamed Kamara, a civil servant, disputed that there had been any any major incidents caused by joggers.
“We usually team up with neighbourhood youths on weekends to jog to the beach where we play football and return peacefully,” Kamara said.
The cancellation will not only affect the referees but other organization will also been affected other groups that want to have jogging in the country.
Monday February 12, 2018.

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