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Sierra Leone News: Jumbo U.K. to visit Sierra Leone

Hassan Krayem a Sierra Leonean Lebanese businessman and also a philanthropist base in the United Kingdom is set to visit the country to engage farmers and producers in gari, palm oil and other local commodities in other to find a way of increasing their production and also creating space for farmers to export their products to the international market
He made this disclosure during a telephone interview with this reporter where he confirmed that at the moment is working in partnership with CAC Company limited a local company base in Freetown fighting to see that local agricultural products reach international market.
Hassan Krayem is presently base in the United Kingdom operating five big companies with a vast distribution network in Europe, United States of America and also Australia and also owner of ACA International Limited, Vertex Training Company, Jumbo Limited and Jumbo Midland Limited.
According to information, his companies has provided jobs for hundreds of young people and also contributed to the socio-economic development of the country and that part of his plan is to help farmers and producers so that their local goods reach international market which he has been doing for many years not only for people in Sierra Leone but also other nationals.
Hassan Krayem is not only a business man but also a philanthropist who has been helping people including disable organizations in Sierra Leone as during the Ebola crisis in Sierra Leone he continue to play his own part by providing support for Ebola victims worth millions of Leones while he continue to export agricultural products from Sierra Leone to Europe and other part of the world.
According to some farmers and disable organizations said they feel delighted to come across such a man they described as a philanthropist with a God given heart adding that his visit to the country means a lot as it will only motivate farmers and disable people to work hard to reach their goals and called on people in the country to follow the foot step of Hassan Krayem.
By Betty Milton
Tuesday May 08, 2018.

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