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Sierra Leone News: Armed Forces wives explain challenges to First Lady

The First Lady, Fatima Bio, met with wives of military men at her Juba residence on Tuesday 15 May 2018. The First Lady wanted to familiarise herself with the activities of the Armed Forces Wives Cooperative, an association which promotes the welfare of the wives, widows and orphans of military personnel.
Speaking on behalf of the Cooperative, Fatmata Bintu Lavahun highlighted the governance structure, membership procedure, objective and challenges of the Association, stating they were challenged with funds and office space.
Lavahun said, “This is the first time we have an ex-military man as President. He should understand our situation and he resonates with the realities that the military family is faced with.” She added that, their desire was for the First Lady to provide the needed support and attention needed to restore the dignity, self-esteem and improve on the lives of the wives and families of the armed forces.
The First Lady recalled during the election campaign that whatever was happening in the military was something so dear to her husband. As she highlights issues of housing and livelihood challenges of those living in the barracks, the First Lady said, “You don’t need to explain anything to Maada himself because he very much understands.”
She informed them of her plans to set up an office which will be open to all women stating it will be nice to have them work with her.
By Edna Browne-Dauphine
Wednesday May 16, 2018.

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