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Sierra Leone News: Ministers and officials inducted into Government service

Twenty-seven ministers including substantive, deputy and resident ministers, yesterday, went through a day’s induction ceremony where President Julius Maada Bio urged them to make a conscious effort to change.
Induction is the process of introducing a new employee to a company or office culture and processes with the aim of bringing them up to speed as quickly as possible as well as making them feel comfortable and aware of their professional responsibilities. Companies will typically have an induction programme in place and follow the same processes for all new hires.
According to the Secretary to Cabinet, Julius Sandi, appointment to Cabinet is created by Section 59 of the 1991 Constitution, which also outlines the duties and responsibilities of Ministers.
He explained that all the Ministers as they are come from different background, experiences, and expertise but that they should come together and work as a team.
Sandi said the induction process is a self-introduction process that will “take them through the rudiments of cabinet procedures and manners, roles and responsibilities. In addition we shall endeavour to introduce basic working concept, basic financial management, procurement processes and the rule of law”.
The Cabinet Secretary maintained that they will soon embark on periodic literate and purposeful training to the extent that capacity building will become part of the pertinent feature of the Sierra Leone cabinet and the civil service.
He said the cabinet is the highest single unit of state policies decisions making and in cabinet a “decision once taken becomes collective and binding thereafter, personnel views and opinion becomes irrelevant. You are at liberty to tender your resignation if you feel stronger on an issues If while your decision was not allowed to prevail”.
In his statement, President Bio said the induction is important “because we have to synchronise and harmonise right from the beginning”.
Selection to the various ministries out of million other Sierra Leoneans, the President said “is a huge task and a testimony of the confidence I have in you and the confidence that the republic of Sierra Leone should have in you.”
He said the “task ahead is huge the expectations are huge and immediate, we cannot as a group afford to really not perform in the face of that is happening. I have chosen change and I have appointed you as an agent of that change”.
He called on his change agents to be prepared to change, “times have change, things have change, the curricula have to change, the way we do things have to change. I know we can do it, we just have to make the conscious effort. I am going to lead this process, I am going to challenge you, I am going to push you, and we are going to work, we are going swing or swim together. We are not going to sink, that is for sure”.
He called on the ministers to work collectively and don’t engage in blame game as nobody should be exempted from the blame.
President Bio admonished them, “this is a huge task and that is not to threaten you, that is not to in still fear but to let you know that I know who you are and know we can rise up to this challenge. We must work together”.
By Betty Milton
Wednesday May 16, 2018.

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