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Sierra Leone News: Baby Mustapha departs for Surgery in India

After months of Social Media Campaign calling on philanthropists within and outside the country to contribute toward the cost for surgery on Mustapha Augustus Robert Jr. alias Baby Mustapha, to be done Abroad, the Office of the First Lady and Program Manager for Caritas Freetown have informed the media that the baby, his mother and grandmother will depart for India Tuesday night for treatment.
The surgery will be done at the Max Specialty Hospital in New Delhi, India.
Sometime in December 2017 Baby Mustapha was diagnosed as suffering from ‘Biliary Arterial,’ which led to the disorderly behavior of his liver. Since then his parents have been battling with his condition as it got worse every day. This led to a recent Social Media campaign by the First Lady calling for donations from every angle.
In a Press Conference at her Juba resident office, the First Lady Fatima Bio and the Programs Manager for Caritas Freetown, informed members of the media that within two weeks they had raised more than enough money needed for the operation on Baby Mustapha in India. Further, that he will be accompanied by his mother and grandmother.
The First Lady revealed that based on the nature of the surgery, the mother of Baby Mustapha has consented to give part of her liver as requirement for the surgery to be undertaken. This according to her, both the baby and his mother needs total support and prayers from the nation because their lives are precious and needed by the country.
Fatima Bio said; “We want to take this opportunity to say thanks to all those that contributed immensely within and outside the country toward this venture. It tells that when we want to take up any challenge together we can do it as a nation.” She said the President approved the tickets for the three people including, Baby Mustapha, his mother and grandmother, to travel for the surgery and also paid part of the medical bills.
Baby Mustapha’s mother, Christphine Daphine Dumbuya on behalf of her family and the grandmother thanked all those who had contributed towards the operation on her baby expressing that despite the fact that the money is available, she is personally appealing to the nation to offer prayers for their journey and for a successful surgery on her baby and herself.
By Mohamed Kabba
Twitter: @chikakabba
Wednesday June 06, 2018.

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