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Sierra Leone News: Judge wants speedy trial for alleged child rapist

Justice Monfred Sesay, on Monday 4 June 2018, informed the State Prosecutor about his intention to discharge an alleged sexual penetration matter if the prosecutor fails to bring the four witnesses on the next adjourned date.
The Judge pointed out the plight of an accused being in remand without effective trial on the matter for which the accused is being charged.
Justice Sesay requested that the prosecution counsel provide the Court the four witnesses for a speedy trial adding that the failure to bring the witness will result in a discharge.
Since the matter was charged to court on 28 April 2017, only police witness Mohamed Massaquoi has testified.
The witness told the court that Mohamed Bangura was arrested on 12 March 2017, under allegations of sexual penetration of a seven-year old child at Goderich in Freetown.
According to the witness, on the said date, while the victim and other children were playing, the victim’s toy was sent into the accused compound. Upon the retrieval of the toy from the accused’s’ compound, the accused person gave the victim some spaghetti to eat while he sent the other children away. The State also alleged that the accused gave the victim cannabis sativa to smoke in order to induce the act.
In the accused’s statement to the police, the accused told the police that it was the victim who wrap paper in a manner to smoke stating that it was the victim that wrap herself and started smoking it.
Meanwhile, the accused denied the allegation and he was sent to remand until 8 June 2018.
By Sylvia Villa
Wednesday June 06, 2018.

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