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Sierra Leone Sports: You will not play if you behave badly – Yapo Sillah

The Organizing Secretary of the Central One Football Association (COFA), Yapo Sillah, said, “football is money” when he addressed 32 communities at the Parade Field on Thursday June 7th 2018.
He said you need to sell the game to the communities so that many people will be able to come and watch these matches and if these matches are full to capacity the communities will make money.
He also revealed that any club or community that want to achieve is aims and objective must not depend on one individual to run a football club other people need to come on board for the good of the club or the community
He stated the super community league are analysing the behaviours of the communities. He said if the community behaves badly, they will not be allowed to play in the next tournament.
One of the veteran players, Sadiu Jalloh, said they are ready to improve the game of football in the country and the wrong they have done to us has been put behind us.
He went further to appeal to communities to do their best so the players will be disciplined, which will be good for the players and the communities.
He revealed that he will reach a time that they will organize COFA 11 versus other FAFA 11. That will make the mini league very competitive.
Friday June 08, 2018.

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