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Sierra Leone News: Bonthe District Family ends symposium in Mattru Jong

The Bonthe District Family organization has ended a day symposium for development held at the district council conference hall in Mattru Jong Bonthe District on the theme, “No Bonthenian Left Behind”
The gathering was chaired by the Bonthe district local council chair, Moses Jude Probyn. Probyn re-iterated the alarming effect of poverty, which can be spotted in every corner of the district. He said President Bio’s government is determined to positively impact the lives of Bonthenians who have suffered grave marginalization in the past and that there was every need for the district to catch up with other areas in Sierra Leone.
The Head of House [HOH], Floyd Alex Davis, said the conference was to create an enabling environment for the sons and daughters of the district to meet and discuss key development challenges facing the district and proffer sustainable solutions to them. The seminar was also meant to unify the people of Bonthe District after several years of divide caused mainly by misconceptions around inferiority and superiority alterations. “Bonthe is the first colony in Sierra Leone where development started, so when it comes to development, we should be in the lead,” he said. He called on all Bonthenians to be united for development irrespective of their political belongings asking all and sundry to put Bonthe first above all other interests.
Miranda Davis on behalf of the UK and Ireland branch of the Bonthe District Family, said the branch is growing rapidly with a huge membership. She said the role of the diaspora in the development of Bonthe district cannot be underestimated. Davis promised the full support and corporation of the UK Branch towards the development aspirations of the district. Similar contribution was made by head of the Bonthe District Family branch in America and Canada, Alhaji Sallieu Jalloh, assuring the parent body of both financial and moral support. He encouraged stakeholders to invest more in capacity building of young people in order to achieve sound and profound development for the young generation.
The Member of Parliament for Constituency 092, Alice Jebbeh Kumabeh, cited political divide, hatred for one another as key factors responsible for the setbacks. For the district to forge ahead, she encouraged all to put all resentments aside and focus on development.
The Mayor of the Bonthe Municipal council, Layemi Joe Sandi, delivered the keynote address. For over 50 years, the district was marginalized and abandoned by successive governments, he said, coupled with a huge syndrome of divide among the people themselves. “With limited economic opportunities, residents particularly in the fishing communities have been reduced to mere beggars” he added. The mayor suggested for the Bonthe District Family to remain non-political and to hold tight on its beliefs and focus on development.
During the technical session, presentations on the status of education, health, Water and Sanitation Agriculture, Fishing, Tourism, Mining, Petroleum, infrastructure, roads, youth empowerment and communication was done by Joseph Rahall while presentations on gender issues and unification were done by Goodie Sownie and Davidson Kormoi, respectively.
Group discussions, recommendations and presentations on the above thematic headings by participants climaxed the meeting.
Tuesday June 26, 2018.

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