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Sierra Leone Sports: Kent Celebrates 4 years of coaching cricket at American School

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Kent Cricket Club Emmanuel Pessima said that on June 26th 2014 the club introduced cricket to boys and girls at the American International School in the west part of Freetown.
He stated during that period it was great opportunity to experience the game in a fun, enjoyable, social and safe environment that was very good for the kids.
The Secretary General of Kent Cricket Club said from 2014 to date we have been coaching cricket at the school with a very good relationship with the management of the school. The kids love cricket and they have passion for the game we hope to continue coaching cricket at the school in the coming academic year 2018-2019.
Cricket is a wonderful game that teaches children several life skill such as teamwork, respect for others, self believe, and many more. As a club we would continue to expand our coaching program for schools across the country and this would increase participation
One of the coaches in the Club Joseph Pessima said when they started the first day was more of an introduction, a short video clip about a match between Sussex and Kent in England was played for the kids to watch. After the video clip, the kids were divided into groups to learn the basic principles of catching, throwing and batting with tennis balls.
Among them were kids from different countries, those from England, Nepal, America, Australia and so many more.
The club was at the school for four weeks. At the end, the club and the school authorities gave awards to the best kids in different positions and certificates to all the kids who took part in the four weeks elite training. During that period, Jerry J.M. Gbanek was awarded with a trophy as the Best Cricketer and Charlotte Monasch as the most promising cricketer.
Since introducing the game at the school a lot of talented cricketers have been discovered which will be good for the school.
Wednesday June 27, 2018.

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