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Sierra Leone Sports: Qualified Referees and Judges to officiate during the karate championship

The President of the Karate Federation, Shiahan Victor Amara, said only qualified referees and judges are allowed to officiate the 4th Zone 2 Cadet Junior and Under 21 Old Championships that will take place in Freetown between 4-8 July 2018.
He said that the referees who have the Continental valid must participate in referee courses before being allowed to officiate. The referees who have the Zonal qualification of less than two years are not subject to review in also stated that the Zonal Referees with the qualification of more than two years must confirm their qualification exams.
He also revealed that the referees, judges, coaches and athletes must have their official passport Federation valid. The Vice President of the association, Koso Thomas, said the age of the competitors will be authenticated by a passport or a valid national identity card.
He said the championships will take place on at least two tatami for catering; rooms are specially designed for referees and officials.
In the drawing the semi-finalists of the previous championships must be separated as much as possible (the competitors in the box of the individual events and the National Federations in that of the team events).
There will be no title for the country that will have the most gold medals; the allocation of cup for the overall ranking is outlawed.
Gwyn Allen Technical Director of the association said the fighters are readiness for the championship has they are ready to put Sierra Leone on the map.
He said for the technical program they have Kata, which is one male team with three fighter age 14-17 years. Kumite is one Men’s Kumite Individual: (1 competitor per category per country) Ladies Kumite Individual: (1 competitor per category per country)
Categories A. Cadet: 14 – 15 years: born in 2002 – 2003
Individual Men Kumite: – 52kg, – 57 kg, – 63 kg, – 70 kg, 70kg and +
Individual Ladies Kumite: – 47 kg, – 54 kg, 54 kg et +
B. Junior: 16 – 17 years: born in 2000 – 2001 –
Individual Men Kumite: – 55 kg, – 61kg, – 68kg, – 76 kg, 76 kg and +
Individual Ladies Kumite: – 48 kg, – 53 kg, – 59 kg, 59 kg and +
Under 21 years: (18 – 19 – 20 years) born in 1997, 1998, 1999
Individual Kumite Men: – 60 kg,- 67 kg, – 75 kg,- 84 kg, 84 kg et +
Individual Kumite Female: – 50 kg, – 55 kg, – 61 kg,- 68 kg, 68 kg et +
He also stated that they are expecting 8 countries to be part of the championship and appeal to Sierra Leonean to come in their numbers to support the fighters at Family Kingdom.
Wednesday June 27, 2018.

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