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Sierra Leone Sports: SLAJ & SWASAL open book of condolence for Sorie Sudan Sesay

On Friday June 29th Sierra Leone Association of Journalist and Sports Writers Association of Sierra Leone open a book of condolence for their former member of both associations
The Chair of the programme, Abdul Rahman Swarray, said he has known the late man of the past 20 years in the field of Journalism who had passion for sports and journalism. He described the late man as friendly and helpful to a lot of journalists.
The scribe of SLAJ, Ahmed Sahid Nasralla, said he has known the late man for some years and he was also associate editor of Sierra Update Magazine, which was owned by the late man.
He said the man was also active in both Sports Writers Association and SLAJ he will be missed for his generosity.
The President of S SWASAL, Frank Cole, said the late Sorie Sudan Sesay defeated Amadu Bah of the Daily Mail newspaper also of the Sports Ministry then, to clinch the coveted post of President of SWASAL at the Sierra Leone News Agency SLENA Hall on Wallace Johnson Street in 2002, when SWASAL Members used to vote by the show of hands. The late Sorie Sudan Sesay commonly known as ‘Sudanese’ hardly completed his term as President of SWASAL when in 2004, he resigned on principles having sensed the unhealthy Sierra Leone Football Association (SLFA) politics was destined to eat up every fiber of the SWASAL.
But he did hang his boots without scoring two vital and crucial goals at the time! In 2003, the late Sorie Sudan Sesay dribbled passed the over-concentrated Freetown-based SWASAL association to the four corners (East, South, North & West) of the field (Sierra Leone), through his decentralization campaign which eventually parachuted him to the Presidency. His Secretary General then Sorie Ibrahim Sesay confirmed he was the first President of SWASAL to ensure the voting rights enjoyed by our colleagues in the provinces today.
His second goal was getting an office space for SWASAL. Again, it is in the history books that the former SWASAL President took that as a priority during his hard fought campaign.
Late Sorie Sudan Sesay can also be remembered as the former SWASAL President who was very generous to his beloved Association because as recent as December 2017, donated laptop computers, printer and plasma TV costing hundreds of Pounds Sterling.
According to Bai-Bai Sesay, the late Sorie Sudan Sesay, a diplomat cum journalist who dedicated his life to representing the underprivileged through journalism and he plays his part in the field of diplomacy as Press Attaché at our Sierra Leone High Commission in the United Kingdom.
Sorie Sudan Sesay played a vital role in his hey-day in uplifting the Sierra Leone Sports Writers Association known as SWASAL into higher height as well as strengthening its activities.
The book of condolence will be closed today Monday July 2nd at 56 Campbell Street SLAJ headquarter.
Monday July 02 2018.

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