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Sierra Leone News: Bench warrant ordered for former APC minister in alleged $75000 vehicle saga

Magistrate Santigie Bangura of the Freetown No.1 on Siaka Stevens Street in Freetown on Monday 2 July 2018, ordered a bench warrant for the former Deputy Minister of Works, Housing and Infrastructure, Kadija O. Sesay, and her sureties because they failed to turn up in Court.
Between 7 March to 19 April 2018, it is alleged that the former Deputy Minister of Works, under the APC government, Kadija O. Sesay, was accused of stealing a Toyota Land Cruiser belonging to the Government of Sierra Leone. The vehicle is believed to be worth a little over $75,000 USD.
The former Deputy Minister was charged with three counts ranging from Conspiracy to Defraud, Larceny by Servant and Fraudulent Conversion.
The Prosecuting Officer, Theresa Bangura, noted all prosecution witnesses were ready to proceed. But, the accused, her surety and her legal representatives failed to attend the court proceeding.
On 20 June 2018, Magistrate Santigie Bangura granted the accused Le700 million bail and two sureties who must be resident of the Western Judicial district and the accused must surrender all travel documents.
According to Magistrate Santigie Bangura, “Since both accused and her sureties are absent without any formal notice to the Court, I order a bench warrant for the accused and her sureties. Magistrate Bangura adjourned the matter to 12 July 2018.
By Mohamed J. Bah
Tuesday July 03, 2018.

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