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Sierra Leone News: Chief Minister visits Kenema

A 40-vehicle convoy entered Kenema over the weekend with Chief Minister David Francis and other government officials, MPs and an entourage. The convoy of vehicles, motorbikes and kekes visited Holy Trinity Secondary School and then the SLPP regional office. The government group then visited the Centre Mosque for Friday prayers and then went to the Kenema City Council.
Francis said, “I was born in Kenema and grew up on Kpaka Street, Ngombulango Street. I attended St. Paul’s primary school then the Holy Trinity secondary school. I met my happiest moment today as I was welcomed by my schoolmates at the Holy Trinity. I told my schoolmates that today am a professor, chief minister but tomorrow they might be a professor, minister or even president of Sierra Leone.”
In a rousing, campaign-style speech, the Chief Minister reiterated SLPP campaign promises to the people of Kenema.
“This is the district in the last ten years that was neglected,” he said. “If Kenema District does not improve, does not change… you should hold all of us responsible.” The Chief Minister said, “This is not business as usual.” He said if there is corruption, he will do the right thing and put people in jail.
“This is a new government with disciplined leadership. The country is rich but it is under-developed. It is we that are responsible. We will help to transform Kenema the right way. We want to create job opportunities for the young people. We will make sure that every body benefit from the free education. We will make sure that we build and construct good roads in the city of Kenema.
“We will bring a university to this city before the next five years end. We have gone far ahead to transform the Eastern Polytechnic into a university for the east.”
The parliamentarians are staying together in the interest of Kenema district. “So I want you all to support your resident minister for what he is doing in the region, the mayor and the Kenema district council chairman for what they are doing for you all.”
He urged politicians to talk to the people even before you need them. “You should be accountable to the people,” he said.
By Saffa B. Moriba and Betty Milton
Tuesday July 03, 2018.

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