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Sierra Leone Sports: U-19 cricket players attend seminar

The Sierra Leone U19 Cricket team attended a successful seminar hosted by the Class of 2009 U19 Cricket Union popularly known as The Union. This was the third seminar and it was held at the Prince of Wales School Ground on Saturday 30th June 2018 and was geared towards improving playing performance.
Edward Marah, Public Relation Officer Class of 2009 U19 Cricket Union said the seminar facilitator, Emmanuel Pessima, shared a 75 slide PowerPoint presentation that focused on three main areas (1) Overcoming Fear (2) Fixed and Growth Mindsets, and (3) Teamwork. The general feedback and questions from the players were positive.
Edward Ngegba, Captain of the Sierra Leone U19 Cricket Team said, “As we gear up to compete in the ICC Africa Div 2 U19 World Cup Qualifier in August, the lessons learned at these seminars will be indeed useful – we are now bursting with enthusiasm to put into action the knowledge acquired from these seminars.”
Many cricketers in Sierra Leone are saying the seminars were a few steps in the right direction that brought some well-needed perspectives on the mental aspect of the game.
The Chair of the Sierra Leone Cricket Association, Beresford Coker, commended the Class of 2009 U19 Cricket Union on the seminars, which he considered a timely intervention.
Emmanuel Pessima, President of the Class of 2009 U19 Cricket Union and who was also the facilitator of the seminar said, “There was a lot new knowledge attained that should definitely help the players in the upcoming U19 world cup qualifier and the players were made aware of the challenges and opportunities ahead of them.”
“These seminars would not have been possible without the support of the Sierra Leone Cricket Association and thanks to Nathan Wood ECB Lead of International & Specialist Coach Development for providing me with literature,” said Pessima.
He revealed that the Class of 2009 U19 Cricket Union is a registered community based organization recognized by the Sierra Leone Cricket Association. It has a membership of persons who were part of the Sierra Leone U19 Cricket Team that was refused visas to travel to Canada after qualifying for the ICC U19 World Cup play off in Toronto, Canada in 2009.
Tuesday July 03, 2018.

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