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Sierra Leone Sports: “Water Polo clinic was a success”-Victor Carew

The Technical Director of the Sierra Leone Water Polo and Diving association, Victor Carew, said that the clinic organized by the association with the expert from South Africa was a success.
He stated that he was impressed with the participant’s contribution throughout the clinic and he revealed that these 36 participants will go out to train other people about the water polo.
One of the participants from the North, John Philip Kallon, said the clinic was nice and they taught us the basic of the clinic.
The course was interesting, important and educative. I am going to pass the knowledge to the people of Makeni and the Northern region schools in general.
He thanked the association for giving them the opportunity to attend such a clinic on Water Polo when the sports are becoming more popular in the world.
The President of the association, George Spilsbury–Williams said he was surprised when association technical team was able to identify potential water polo players during the ebola Jamborie organized by the National Olympic Committee (NOC).
It was from that point they have interest in water polo and decided to have expert that will come and train more people about the sports through FINA. He revealed that water polo is a new sport.
The Clinic expert, Bradly Rowe, said during the clinic 90% of the participants were involve and more talent have been identify with a lot of potential to play water polo sport.
Tuesday July 03, 2018.

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