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Sierra Leone Sports: The first 100 days in sports… President Bio’s government

What happened in the sporting world since the government of President Bio came to power 100 days ago?
The first thing President Bio did was to appoint a Minister of Sports and a Deputy who supervise the Ministry of Sport. The Ministry has a lot of challenges. When the Minister of Sport took over several sporting associations visited his office. The new Minister of Sport assured them of the government’s support to sport. He also told the football family that the game, which has not been played for the past four years, must be played within 90 days. He held several meetings with those concerned.
The Director of Sport, Ibrahim Bangura, said within these 100 days they have helped organize a football congress for the end of the month. That’s not within the first 100 days though.
He also stated football is being played under a charity shield organized by the Ministry of Sports and the National Sports Council. The one in the South will start this weekend and the following week the other will start in the Northern and Eastern regions respectively. Again, the games will not occur within the first 100 days of governance.
He also revealed that the ban on school sports has been lifted and several sport associations have traveled within the 100 days. For the first time in history 25 athletes team went to Ghana they went by flight than their usually road travelling.
He described the travels of specific teams. The Single Amputee football team went to Russia with support from government. The University team went to Ethiopia in the All African University Games and the Wrestling delegation went to Niger to compete in the ECOWAS traditional wrestling competition.
The Minister of Sport and the team manager of Leone Stars, Christian Dauda and himself went to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) conference at the Vienna International Centre, Vienna, Austria.
Sheku Turay, from the north said more needs to be done by this government in term of sports. He described the first 100 days as “little achievements. The Association paying courtesy calls to the Minister is not enough.”
Ibrahim Sillah, from the east said even though the Sports Ministry has a lot of challenges, the government seem to have given a free hand to sports associations to do their work, which is very good for the associations.
Emmanuel Kamara, from the Western area, described the first 100 days of President Bio’s government as “A challenging time when the sports sector is nothing to write home about.” Within the sporting world, there are millions of small steps that need to be taken. The new Bio government has started but there’s a long way to go.
Monday July 16, 2018.

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