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Sierra Leone Business: Aptech Africa will help to solve our water problems – Dep. Water Resources Minister

Deputy Water Resources Minister Dr Edward Hinga Sandy on Friday at the Radisson Blu Mammy Yoko Hotel said that the equipment supplied by Aptech Africa are of high quality and they will help solve the water crisis in Sierra Leone.
In his address as guest of honour at the Aptech Africa – Grundfos exhibition, Dr Sandy said their products are tailored to produce desired services and all their products are very important to enhance water quality and stop wastages.
He said it is good that the NGOs are around to see the quality products and to engage them for future supplies under the WASH network.
“Aptech Africa who is the agent for Grundfos is well placed to supply NGOs and government good equipment. Currently, we are putting together our budget for 2019 and we are looking on ways to improve the water supply cross the country and I believe that you will have a place in the ministry when the time comes.”
The deputy minister averred that government has placed more premium on water supply as it is in the top five priorities. So because of that he said he is happy that Aptech is strengthening itself to meet the government’s demand for a better supply of water with high quality.
Director of Aptech Africa Asteway Yigezu said they have been in Sierra Leone for a while and they have been working with several NGOs supplying them water pumps, solar energy and others.
“Aptech Africa Ltd. is Africa’s Solar Energy and Water Pump Specialist. It has offices located in South Sudan, Uganda, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, and Central African Republic. Aptech Africa was founded in 2006 as a distribution and installation company for some of the most reputable brands from Europe and the US.”
He said they have developed a reputation for distributing high quality products and providing exceptional installation services which allowed it to expand to multiple countries. Aptech Africa continues to grow because it has distinguished itself from other solar companies due to its ability to provide outstanding service, warranty, and competitive pricing.
Mr Yigezu reiterated that Aptech Africa today is a fully registered company that supplies and provides complete assessments, solar designs and installation in Sierra Leone, and after sale services.
“Solar applications include solar powered water pumps, solar water heating, office power supply, portable plug and play solar kits, solar street/security lights, water pipes, building materials, and solar powered refrigerators.”
He said they offer sales services to help their clients find the ideal solar solution to their energy needs and after sales services to maintain their products and systems.
Mr Yigezu says Aptech Africa has the responsibility to provide energy services to Africa in a way that respects the dignity of all employees, beneficiaries, and the world as a whole. Aptech Africa considers all of these aspects as it works to implement its efforts to bring clean, renewable energy to Africa.
Eunice Mensah said as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility, Aptech Africa West Africa branch office in Sierra Leone, donated a complete solar system including 12 panels and 12 batteries, to Macaulay Street Hospital in Freetown. This hospital She said serves individuals who were affected by the recent mudslides. The solar system will help to bring improved health care to the surrounding community.
Monday July 30, 2018.

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