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Sierra Leone Business: Brewery to start Can production soon

Sierra Leone Brewery Limited (SLBL) will start production of Can drinks around September this year as the installation process of the production line continues to progress.
At the end of last year, the management of Brewery said they will continue their investment as they work towards meeting the demands of the population by producing several brands of beer in bottle and in Cans.
Sierra Leone Brewery Ltd. (SLBL), a subsidiary of Heineken Holding NV, in Freetown announced its plans to double the annual capacity to meet growing demand. The expansion project they did last year includes a brew house upgrade, and installation of seven cylindrical-conical fermentation tanks. Because of the problems of recycling the bottles, the company decided to come up with the Can system that will ease off the pressure on distributors who are finding it difficult to get the empties for the company to continue its production that will meet the demand of the country.
“With the Can system, we will be able to sell more as it is disposable and we hope our customers will be glad to buy as much as they want without thinking of bringing the empties that has been a problem for us since the inception of Sierra Leone Brewery”, a distributor averred.
According to sources from within the company, the installation of the line will soon be completed as it is a new modern line that has the capacity to meet the demand of Sierra Leoneans. It is expected that the production line will do about 267 Cans a minute.
This will be the first in the Mano River Union and Brewery will be able to control the market with their products in Can. They are envisaging that they will be able to export and still meet the demands of the Sierra Leonean market.
Unfortunately, the management of the company is now disappointed after the Finance Act was revised to give rise to imported alcoholic drinks that will be competing with the locally brewed.
“It is being envisaged that the sales for Sierra Leone Brewery will drop considerably, which will then affect the company’s expansion process that has been on the rise.” It is expected that the second quarter of this year will see the beginning of a tough year for the company.
By Austin Thomas
Monday July 30, 2018.

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