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Sierra Leone News: ACC attempts to recover “ferry fiasco” monies

Edmond Koroma former Director General of the National Social Security Trust (NASSIT), Gibril Saccoh, Ibrahim Bah and Mahmoud Idriss, all senior officials at NASSIT were indicted in an Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) investigation in 2011.
The ACC case involved the purchase of two ferries to be used between Freetown and Lungi. According to the ACC, the two ferries cost €3 million or Le16.5 billion but proved to be unseaworthy.
The ACC Commissioner, Francis Ben Kaifala, stated, on Thursday 2 August 2018, all those involved in the defunct ferry corruption matter are currently on bail. He said a deal was arranged in 2011 for the accused to pay back a percentage of the stolen money with Joseph Fitzgerald Kamara, the former ACC Commissioner.
The original deal was for the accused to repay $450,000 USD, or almost Le2 billion of the Le16.5 billion, which represents less than a quarter of the purchase cost of the ferries. The original deal was for each of the four accused to repay Le500 million each.
In 2011, one payment of Le500 million was made by Koroma, Bah and Idriss. Saccoh did not repay anything in 2011. That left a balance owing of Le1.5 billion. Since 2011, no other repayments were made from the four accused.
Kaifala said the accused must repay the Le1.5 billion within the next nine months and a new agreement has been signed between the accused and the ACC. Kaifala furthered that the new agreement was signed during an invitation call by the ACC adding that the indictees have committed to pay back within the said time- frame. The Le1.5 billion should be paid into the Consolidated Revenue Fund.
By Sylvia Villa
Monday August 06, 2018.

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