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Sierra Leone News: 21-day ultimatum for Govt. to set up Commission of Inquiry on GTTR

With growing concerns over the recently published Government Transition Team Report (GTTR) the Civil Society Consortium on Community Accountability and Service Delivery have given the Government a 21-day ultimatum to set up an independent Judge-led Commission of inquiry on the Report.
According to the National Coordinator/Team lead of the Consortium, William Sao-Lamin, the Consortium was organized by seven civil society organizations and a network of 150 community-based organizations in August 2016.
“After over 57 years of Independence the people of Sierra Leone are yet to gain access to safe drinking water, sustainable electricity, access to quality education, quality and affordable health care with special reference to out children and women,” he said disclosing a report by FAO reveals that over 49% of citizens do not have access to staple food, essentially due to corruption and lack of accountability.
“We are giving the Government a 21-day ultimatum to set up an international Judge-led Commission of enquiry for fair hearing to officials of the previous government in accordance with the rule of law” he said, stating the hearing should not exceed 90 days.
He furthered that the Commission should be inclusive, independent and should have a representative from the inter-religious council and also should not reflect any signs of a witch-hunt, as the validation of the report will serve as a precedent for a credible transition.
According to him the public should be given a time frame for special audit to be undertaken by the Audit Service Sierra Leone as recommended by the GTTR, adding that the Audit should further probe into the water and energy sector as well as major contracts.
Sao-Lamin said Government should expedite the surrender of the passports and all travelling documents held by persons named in the GTTR to the Criminal Investigation Department within the next 24 hours.
He concluded by saying if the GTTR is handled properly it will help in the fight against impunity, put government on its guard, strengthen the fight against corruption, build international reputation, improve transparency and accountability and ultimately improve service delivery at all level.
By Alhaji Manika Kamara
Tuesday July 10, 2018.

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