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Sierra Leone News: 35 Sierra Leoneans on STS, RTG Cranes Training

Thirty-five Sierra Leoneans are currently learning how to operate “ship to shore” and rubber tire gantry cranes over the next 3 months at the Queen Elizabeth II Quay.
The training is part of the $120 million USD project by Bollore Logistics and Transport on the expansion of the Quay and improvement of equipment and staff.
Several months ago, two “ship to shore” and four “rubber tired gantry” cranes worth close to $30 million arrived at the Quay. The extension project is almost completed and full operation is expected to commence in September 2018.
According to a trainee, Umaru Kamara, “My aim is to be the first Sea To Shore (STS) crane operator in Sierra Leone and West Africa.” He maintained, it is a pleasure to be among the first 12 Sierra Leoneans to benefit from the STS training, which will broaden their expertise and expose them to international opportunities and competition.
“We have spent almost a month on the training and have done a series of practical examinations including 3D tests to determine our eye sight,” he said. He explained they were first sent to Guinea to observe similar operations to determine their fitness for the training and job.
Abu Turay, another trainee on the Rubber Tired Gantry crane (RTG) group said this is the first time to see and touch the RTG. He’s only every seen it on television. The training is preparing them to operate cranes thereby reducing the need for foreign staff.
According to him, he used to operate other cranes that were not as technical and advanced like the RTG, which requires a lot of skill and patience to operate.
According to the Head of Global Port Training, based in the Netherlands, Roony Vorsselmans, they have organized similar trainings in more than 60 countries including USA, Canada, South Africa, among others.
He said the trainees are doing extremely well. They have already completed some theoretical and practical training and are currently using a computer simulation exercise to run through procedures.
Bollore Transport and Logistic, Country Manager, Fabjanko Kokan, disclosed the training exercise aims to empower young Sierra Leoneans to operate very expensive and sophisticated equipment.
By Alhaji Manika Kamara
Tuesday July 10, 2018.

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