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Sierra Leone News: Dayoh Giplin’s One Year at Rokel Bank…The Vision, the Transformation.

Our development aspirations shall remain inconceivable fantasies if we disregard the need to constantly utilize the requisite human resources – those men and women with innovative dispositions and professional valor. I am often weary of the risk of being labeled a praise singer but since recognition is probably the best motivational tool today, I would with a palpable sense of social justice carry no guilt burden in recognizing the efforts of a man whose professional acumen has helped transform one of Sierra Leone’s biggest indigenous financial institutions.
Exactly one year ago, the management of Rokel Commercial Bank (RCbank) was rested on the shoulders of an unassuming but appropriately qualified and highly trained banker. Dr Dayoh Gilpin, like the proverbial chick that is spotted the very day it hatches had immersed himself into a job that is not unfamiliar with monumental risks and external pressures.
In less than three months Rokel Bank, which was earlier placed on special measures by the government was suddenly reinvigorated with such ballistic energy that it earned itself the uncontestable bragging rights as the fastest growing bank in Sierra Leone. The thrust of this rapid growth was anchored on Gilpin’s reformative agenda where he placed, staff development, robust marketing, infrastructure overhaul and fiduciary discipline at the apex.
Indeed, modern day banking cannot be divorced from the need for a strong IT infrastructure that would guarantee speed, efficiency and accuracy. Dayoh Giplin’s first three months at the bank ensured an improved IT infrastructure with a modern bank operating software for electronic banking. A heightened sense of urgency to prevent errors, theft and fraud and to enhance the general security systems of the bank can only point at the fact that, the Rokel MD is not been oblivious of the need to stand tall and have a competitive edge on the market.
The launching of a new logo ahead of an aggressive marketing campaign last year may have unwittingly helped to increase the bank’s fortunes but suffice to say that the real fortunes of the bank and the bedrock of Giplin’s success are those highly motivated staff of Rokel Bank. Previously, staff morale was low and strikes were imminent but that chapter has waned with the advent of training opportunities, a conducive working environment and better emoluments.
Customer deposits for last year alone grew by 20 percent and this stirred a wave of optimism among key stakeholders of the bank. Such development completely erased the feeling of hopelessness had hitherto left the bank hanging on the thin ropes of uncertainty much like a life support machine reluctantly working to save a dying patient.
The establishment of a marketing department with a robust marketing strategy has increased customer confidence, and this according to the MD cannot be unconnected to a paradigm shift in the overall operation and performance of each and every member of the bank. RCBank can equally boast of new products and services like the innovative “Keke Account” which has already hit a strong fan base not only among tricycle owners but ordinary middle-income businesses.
Gilpin’s visionary acumen has not been limited to developing and growing the Bank into a national phoenix but he interprets government and national financial and banking sector policy and implements processes to see these policies come to fruition. He oversaw a comprehensive response to the Central Banks call for financial literacy and awareness by organising the first ever national debate by any Bank in Sierra Leone on the theme Financial Literacy leading to financial awareness. The efforts did not stay put with the debate, but this young, astute and resoundingly intelligent young man, led a series of motivation talks on financial literacy in schools and universities in Freetown, Bo and Makeni.
Profits in 2017 were up by 625 percent. After a period that saw customers closing their accounts, Gilpin’s visionary approach has witnessed over 6000 new accounts opened within the past 12 months. Certainly, Gilpin has led the fray and one can say that RCBank has finally landed.
In his 2018 New Year’s Message, Dayoh Giplin was optimistic about the bank’s expansion which he said would be occasioned by ambitious but achievable projects like “improvements to conditions of service, facilities, ambiance of all RCBank branches and more engagement with customers.”
As he celebrates this enviable milestone, we hope Dayoh Gilpin will not waver but keep on exceeding expectations.
By Edgar Ibrahim Kallon
Tuesday July 10, 2018.

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