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Sierra Leone Sports: The Transition Report slams the Ministry of Sports

This Ministry has suffered from a systematic breakdown of management and leadership and an abject neglect of its facilities and prominent assets like the National Stadium and the Stadium Hostels. A breakdown of certain sporting activities for instance in the Country and low level interest amongst youth in sporting participation.
The National Sports Authority Act 2017 has been enacted. This new Act replaces the National Sports Council Act of 1964. Parliament passed this Act into law and the outgoing President signed the bill in December 2017.
The realignment of staff in the new organogram that compliments the new act has already started. Projects
There are no ongoing projects in this Ministry from local or international funding sources at the moment.
Financial Status
This Ministry received a budgetary disbursement of Le 4,937,292,369.00 in 2016, Le 4,914,246,406.00 was utilized, with an allocation balance of Le 23,045,963.00. The following year 2017, the Ministry had a budgetary disbursement of Le 4,748,487,602.00 and only Le 4,572,206,819 was utilized with an allocation balance of Le176, 280,783.00. The Ministry expresses gross inadequate budgetary support to implement programs and activities of sporting associations ironically details of this financial status indicates lack of adequate capacity to utilize funds disbursed to the ministry.
Human Resource
The Ministry is divided into two major divisions. The Offices of the Permanent Secretary and the National Sports Authority.
The Ministry comprises 26 staff and 66 assigned staff to the National Sports Council Act Inventory of Assets
The inventory listing of assets and non-expendable equipment have been provided in compliance with the template provided.
This Ministry is a completely dead ministry and needs a total overhauling.
*The divide between the administrative wing and the national sports authority is interfering severely with effective service delivery at the ministry.
Political interference in sporting activities has also affected the promotion of sport, especially football.
Key Issues and Challenges
Inadequate capacity to utilize funds disbursed or provided for this ministry and the inability to access the funds as and when required.
Inadequate capacities for nationwide deployment of staff, especially in district headquarter towns.
The continued occupancy of the National Stadium Hostels by private individuals by gratis and other facilities by the ministry of youth affairs, the National Youth Commission posses serious challenges to the ministries revenue generation drive and the improvement of the facilities.
By Bernard Turay
Monday July 09, 2018.

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