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Sierra Leone News: Vehicles should be roadworthy and safe

Sierra Leone Road Safety Authority (SLRSA) is to properly implement vehicle fitness to ensure that vehicles are road worthy before registration. The Roads Authority is supposed to thoroughly examine all vehicles before registration. The examination should include an inspection of lights, brakes, steering, etc. and should make sure the vehicles are roadworthy and safe. But, for years there have been unfit vehicles, commonly known as ‘Broko Broko Lorry’, on the streets. Clearly, the Roads Authority have been slack in their examinations of vehicles.
David Panda-Noah and Memunatu Koroma, Executive Director and Deputy Executive Director of the Sierra Leone Road Safety Authority, will start to monitor the proper implementation of vehicle fitness and examination to ensure that only vehicles that passed the criteria will be registered.
The SLRSA has a fully-equipped examination centre in a huge warehouse in the compound along Kissy Road. For years, drivers who wish to renew registrations or register newly imported vehicles would bypass the examination centre and avoid the examination forms. Each examination form calls for the inspection of suspension, tires, exhaust systems, electronics, etc.
Panda-Noah said this new move will help reduce drastically the quantum of defective vehicles that are not roadworthy that cause fatal road accidents and thus reduce accident fatalities. He said under his dispensation, the SLRSA will not register any vehicle that is not roadworthy as stated by law.
“Our core responsibility should be focused on safety and saving lives on the roads and not just revenue generation. He noted that the importance of vehicle road worthiness test should not be over-emphasised,” Panda-Noah said. 6/8/18
Friday August 09, 2018.

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