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Sierra Leone Business: China is ready to deepen cooperation with Salone

Ambassador Wu Peng has informed Awoko Newspaper that within the past four months of the Maada Bio government they have negotiated several projects with the Chinese government and one such project is garbage trucks that China has agreed to donate to Sierra Leone.
Amb. Wu said because of the determination of the president and his passion to make Sierra Leone a better place, his government was able to sit and talk for different projects that the Sierra Leone government wants to use for their development purposes.
“The government of Sierra Leone asked us for garbage trucks and my government agreed to provide 30 customized trucks that will arrive between October and November this year. We agreed to help and we are also supporting the government in other projects across the country that will enhance growth and development.”
Ambassador Wu Peng averred that the Chinese government would prioritize the field of bilateral cooperation in accordance with the New Direction of H.E. President Bio. Fields such as agriculture and fishery would be among those considered. The Chinese government is planning to send a technical team to do feasibility study of constructing a fishing harbor for local fishermen. “I am sure that when President Maada Bio attends the FOCAC summit he will be able to make a case for Sierra Leone to get support on the agricultural sector.”
The Ambassador said that they are working on 10 projects that the Bio administration has sanctioned and said they are ongoing in the country.
“The new team of experts for the China-Aid P3 lab is ongoing, the doctors working in the Jui hospital and the China-Aid agricultural technical Cooperation project are still ongoing. Also the China-Aid Technical cooperation for the Siaka Stevens Stadium that started in 2017 is ongoing till 2019 as the structure will be rehabilitated to make it safer for spectators.”
Ambassador Wu Peng averred that the 3.2 KM road from Regent to Limkokwing University is ready as China Civil Engineering Construction Company (CCECC) is fully prepared to start construction as soon as the rainy season is over.
Another project that has been approved is the West African Tropical Disease Research and Treatment Centre that will be constructed at Jui and the China-Aid material project for Parliament has also been approved.
Ambassador Wu said about 1,000 Sierra Leoneans from different fields have/will attend short courses in China and over 100 students will go to China this year to pursue their studies in different fields. He said education is the bedrock of development and this support that China has been giving is paying dividend to the country’s tertiary education with Chinese trained professionals now heading some of the universities including FBC and MMCET.
The Ambassador said they will continue to provide more support to Sierra Leone and hope that the next Month FOCAC summit will bring more goodies to Sierra Leone.
Monday August 27, 2018.

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