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Sierra Leone News: About 90% of prisoners are youths – Prison Boss

The Director General of Sierra Leone’s Correction Services, Sanpha Billo Kamara, said about 90% of prison inmates are young people. He made this disclosure over the weekend, warning that crime, among young people, is on the rise and needs attention.
Kamara said there are 4,445 inmates locked up in 16 prison facilities across the country. “This is a clear manifestation that the crime rate is rising,” he said. He blamed this situation for the overcrowding in prisons, noting that many of the youths involved in crime are school-going children. The prison boss also blamed this on failure of parental responsibility.
Kamara made these revelations as part of a forum convened by the Office of National Security to discuss the rise in crime, especially among young people.
Observers say there has been no change in the horrendous conditions of prisoners and prisons. Conditions in the Sierra Leonean correctional centres have always been an issue of major concern with inmates said to be subjected to deplorable conditions. Life in the cells is associated with diseases of all sorts. Many former inmates are reported to have died after been freed.
Wednesday August 29, 2018.

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