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Sierra Leone News: New $120m berth now in operation

The newly constructed $120 million berth and storage facilities yesterday Thursday 30 August 2018 commenced operations as promised by the management of Bollore Transport and Logistic to the people and government of Sierra Leone.
On 2nd February 2016 the House of Parliament ratified an agreement between the Government of Sierra Leone (GOSL) and Bollore Transport and Logistic leading to the Government owning 20% shares of the company and the government in turn granting Bollore 50% exemption on its income tax liabilities for 10 years.
As part of the agreement, Bollore will build a new 270 metres long by 13 metres deep berth with a space for two ships and new equipment all worth $120 million USD.
The construction project commenced in April 2017 and according to the Country Manager of Bollore Captain Fabjanko Kokan operation should start on the 1 September 2018, but due to the national cleaning exercise schedule for Saturday 1 September operation started 30 August 2018.
On a site visit by the Deputy Minister of Transport, Sadiq Sillah, Captain Fabjanko Kokan said, with 6 months of engineering and design study, Bollore Ports has expanded the capacity of Freetown Terminal by building up a new 270m quay with a draught of 13m, backed by 3.5 hectares of storage yard, taking the total capacity of the container terminal to 750,000 TEUs.
According to him the brand new state-of-the-art equipment, including 2 Ship-to-Shore gantries and 4 Rubber Tyre Gantry Cranes has been set up at Freetown Terminal, with the goal of doubling productivity at the container terminal within four years.
“The Port extension project clearly demonstrates our commitment towards developing the country’s economy and also shows we are in the country to stay” he assured.
The Deputy Minister of Transport Sadiq Sillah disclosed he was invited to witness the discharge process of the first ship at the facility marking its opening as promised by the Company.
According to the Deputy Minister, he is now satisfied with what he saw at the Quay at the new berth, which clearly demonstrates the country’s willingness to improve on its economy. He expressed satisfaction over the idea of seeing Sierra Leoneans operating this state of the art equipment, calling on Bollore to increase on their capacity building to meet the international job market.
The Deputy Minister said he is convinced once bigger ships start entering the country’s port the cost of shipping will definitely reduce which will attract more revenue from sister countries.
The Chief of Operations at Bollore Abu Bakarr Sesay said the purpose of inviting the Deputy Minister and media personnel was for them to witness the discharging process of the first ship at the facility as promised.
According to him before now the biggest ship entering the Queen Elizabeth II Quay was carrying 2,800 containers but with the new facility they are expecting ships carrying up to 6,500 containers.
According to him because of the close proximity between Sierra Leone and South America, bigger ships will be dropping containers destined for South America here which will increase the revenue generation of the country as the port will be serving as a transit point for other countries.
By Alhaji Manika Kamara
Friday August 31, 2018.

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