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Sierra Leone News: PAACET raises concern over scammers

On Thursday 30 August 2018, the Africa Regional Director of the Peace Africa Alliance Consulting, Education and Training Centre (PAACET), Charles Lahai, said the economic crimes committed by scammers have a tendency to prevent genuine investors from investing in Sierra Leone.
He underscored, “We believe that Sierra Leoneans must step up to construct their own path to their destiny.” The organisation head stressed that if urgent actions are not instituted by the government, genuine investors will continue to suffer unduly in the hands of these criminals. He said scammers are an ugly development who have the potential to put the country’s image in a bad light and undermine the efforts of government to improve its domestic revenue base. The economic and social implications are of greater concern because scammers or illegal activities are robbing the government of taxes and robbing the people of the necessary social protection services.
“We call on the Sierra Leone Police, the Criminal Investigation Department, the Immigration Department, the National Mineral Agency and the government gold and diamond office to increase their efforts to put these threats under control. We call on government to institute a thorough system review in the business development sector particularly institutions responsible for legitimising business operations in Sierra Leone.
Senior Lecturer at MMCET, Ishmael Kebbay, maintained, “Scammers are all over the world and they are not easy to break down. They have the criminal skills and resources.”
The Executive Director of CCYA Abigail Stevens noted that collective efforts are needed in order to tackle scammers. She called on CSO’s and the media to help in such a fight.
By Mohamed J. Bah
Friday August 31, 2018.

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