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Sierra Leone News: Standards Bureau clears RK Bahsoon’s Products

The Executive Director of Sierra Leone Standards Bureau James Dumbuya has confirmed that products from RK Bahsoon Industries Limited of 11 Bolling Street in Kingtom, Freetown are good for public consumptions. After the products including Mambo Juices, Viva drinks and Ox Energy drinks were tested for standards, sugar contents, preparation and quality.
News of expired juices flooding streets and markets across the country came to the public domain after parents complained of buying assorted juices on the market and later noticed their children complaining of running stomach. This worrisome development prompted the Sierra Leone Standards Bureau and partners to embark on a nationwide search and testing of all registered juice products in the country.
The Standards Bureau said they had called for the testing of all Viva and Mambo Juices in order for them to be able to determine which of the juices has the potential of causing the children’s stomach to run. After the testing the Bureau advised that it would be good for RK Bahsoon Industries Limited to reduce sugar from some of their juices hence its good for consumption.
The Bureau through the Ministry of Trade during one of the Ministry of Information Weekly Press Briefing at Youyi Building in Freetown revealed that they had contacted local producers of juice to take their products for re-test by the Bureau. During the test it was noticed that a certain Juices including Super Jus, Fruit drink and Mango drink, distributed by one KJ New Life Water Enterprise at 154 Kissy Road, did not registered hence none of their products were tested.
The Managing Director for RK Bahsoon Industries Limited Rabi K. Bahsoon, in an exclusive interview confirmed that indeed he was engaged by members of the Standards Bureau and was advised to reduce sugar from some of his juices. He went on that before his juices are produced apart from the tests conducted by Standards Bureau and his team of experts, he said he normally invites members of the public to taste the sugar level.
Rabi said since he started the juice production he had not received any complaint or fault in all his products except that two years ago, he noticed a duplication of his products by certain members of the public after receiving complaint from parents of their children stomach. He said he forwarded the said complaints from parents and of the duplication to the standards bureau, which according to him, the other party was only told to stop duplicating his plastic.
The business registration file of RK Bahsoon Industries Limited reveal that, for the past four years, the Standards Bureau have been conducting safety test for on their products with certificate of fitness. It also has prove of their products been tested past April 2018.
The Managing Director Rabi said in moving forward he will soon introduce to the market two types of all his brands including juice with sugar and that of a sugar free juice as advised so that every member of the public will be catered for.
The Proprietor for KJ New Life Water Enterprise who also serves as distributor for Super Jus from Mali and the apparent expired fruit and mango drinks, Kadilu Jalloh, before his products were withdrawn from the markets by the Standards Bureau alleged that all his products had passed through tests by the Bureau. Few days after the interview it was proved that the said juices are not registered with the Standards Bureau hence they had never been tested for fitness.
Mariatu Kanu, trader at Abacha Street in Freetown said as trader most of them cannot read and write to know if certain drink is expired or not fit for the public. She pleaded with the government to engaged them on which products to sell to the public because according to her all they care for on the street is to buy new and cheap products from whosoever and sell to maximize profits.
By Mohamed Kabba
Twitter: @chikakabba
Monday September 03, 2018.

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