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Sierra Leone News: President Bio discusses education and innovation

President Maada Bio has shared his ideas and commitment to education and innovation with billionaire philanthropist, Bill Gates in New York in the margins of the United Nations General Assembly on Wednesday 26 September 2018. President Bio talked about the free quality education project and made a solid case for investment in the human resource base in Sierra Leone. The Second Annual Goalkeeper’ event session was moderated by Chief Innovator, David Moinina Sengeh, a United States trained scientist. “The human resource is the most important resource that we have in the world, and any attempt to embark on development without first going back to the human resource will never work, knowing that development is about people and for people. Therefore you cannot develop a country if you do not develop its human capital,” the President averred. Bill Gates said it took feasibility on all these different services to help them find the people who were doing it well, to spread best practices and to make sure that people had the sense that the government was learning and constantly improving. Meanwhile, the Chief Innovator disclosed that he had been working to create a plan, to roll out a literacy plan in Sierra Leone. Sengeh said, “I look forward to working with you to truly make Sierra Leone an example to the world for using the power of innovation to help us achieve the sustainable development goals.”


Monday October 01, 2018.

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