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Sierra Leone News: Bishop Abu, wife receive honourary doctorate in divinity

Bishop Dr.Dr. Abu Koroma

Precisely, a year after receiving an honourary doctorate degree in humanity, the founder of the Flaming Evangelical Ministry (FEM), Bishop Abu Koroma has again been awarded with another honourary doctorate degree in divinity by the University of Florida in the United States of America.   The Chairman of FEM protocol team, Rev. Cornelius Max-Williams said, Bishop Abu and wife, “were the only two in the African continent that were awarded a doctorate degree in divinity by the university.” He said this is not his first honourary doctorate degree, “the first was in humanity by the Commonwealth in London…” it is but befitting that Bishop Dr. Abu has been recognized for both areas “humanity and divinity.” Also adding that as a church they are very proud. An honorary doctorate degree, in Latin a degree honoris causa (“for the sake of the honor”) is an academic degree for which a university has waived the usual requirements. “It was a shock to me when my wife and I received the letter,” said Bishop Abu Koroma yesterday, during a press conference at the FEM head office at Ascension Town. Bishop Abu Koroma explained that on the 25 of August, together with his wife, they received the honourary degree together with other students of the university of Florida who were receiving various academic degrees in different fields. Bishop Abu said, “makes me feel humble. It makes me feel my work speaks volume. Unlike the academic degrees, which you have to fulfill academic criteria, this degree conferred to us speaks about your activities to society which the university senate would have carefully studied. Now the world is a global village. I believe that this award was by the grace of God and also the impact we’ve been making in society,” he emphasized. Speaking about prior degree he was awarded in humanity, the Bishop said, “if you look at the Bible you will see that Jesus Christ fed 5,000 people. He fed 7,000. Jesus Christ helps humanity; the gospel is not only in words but demonstration of the spirit and the power of God. We as Christians we are an appendage of the church, Jesus Christ. When God is going to judge us our works will follow. We need to be Christ like by helping destitute.” Dante Bendu said the Bishop is indeed one of God’s chosen vested with the power to remove demons from those possessed. Laccoh said PHD’s are often awarded for one’s “contribution to knowledge.” He advised that we should take such award seriously and learn from it.


By Ophaniel Gooding

Thursday October 04, 2018.

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