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Sierra Leone News: What’s happening in Wandor Chiefdom?

Twenty-nine villages behind the Sewa River in the Wandor Chiefdom, Kenema District lack health facilities, infrastructure, education and sanitation facilities. Pa Idrissa Sama, Town Chief of Kpeje Village, Wandor Chiefdom, said the thousands of residents in the area are in dire need. He said there are about twenty-nine villages behind the Sewa River and there is no health centre, no school, no safe drinking water and no good roads in that part of the Chiefdom.  He said residents use dug out canoes on a daily basis to cross the river. School pupils, pregnant women and lactating mothers do the same to access health services. He noted students and anyone in need of health services must cross the river at Kpetema, Biwaya, Deima, Gokoma, among others. Chief Sama said since he was a child, they have never had a ferry service and over the years countless people have lost their lives in the local canoes. “Every year, accidents occur at the crossing points. Last year, two school pupils died at the Baama crossing point while returning to their villages after school. Recently, a man was drowned at the Gokoma crossing point when a dug out canoe capsized in the evening hours.” He added, children often don’t go to school because of the dangers of crossing the river. He said since the government banned home delivery of babies, residents have been carrying pregnant women to the health centres by hammock and trying to cross the river at all hours of the day or night. Pregnant women and lactating mothers do not access the health centres at Baama and Bambara, especially during the rainy season, when the level of the river water is very high.


By Saffa B. Moriba

Wednesday October 10, 2018.

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