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Sierra Leone News: Bad road networks cripple Dwozark residents

The George Brook Community, also known as Dworzark Farm is one of the most populated communities in Freetown, and despite its popularity and dense population, the people are grappling with the need for basic amenities to run their lives. The community lacks pipe-borne water and electricity is a major challenge. The issue of decent roads has been a severe hurdle for residents. The road linking Pademba Road and Jomo Kenyatta Road was graded and tarred four years ago while other roads connecting to the main roads have been a nemesis for the people. According to Isatu Turay, a resident of that community, “We appreciate the effort of the last government to complete the first phase of our road project but more needs to be done. Anything we buy unless, we pay labourers or we carry it on our heads to get to our destination.” She stressed that they sometimes sustained serious injuries as a result of stones and stumps in their roads. Turay pointed out that due to bad road networks it is difficult to take sick people who are residing up the hill with no proper road network to a hospital or healthcare facility. Another resident, Pa Samura, who has lived in the Dworzark community for 30 years, said, “I think government is not thinking about us living in this part of the country.” He furthered that the community has grown in population and size with only one proper road. “During the rainy season, we suffer from pot holes and during the dry, we are covered by dust.  The Spain Road is one of the roads in Dworzark, which is badly damaged, linking Sumaila town, Leicester Road, Sammie Town and FBC, amongst many other places. According to a community facilitator, Amara Samura, “CRS has constructed the drainage for us, which was serious damaging the road and we thought it wise to construct the road and reduce the hill so that it can be motorable, which will be very simple for school going pupils, pregnant women and the elderly.   The Chair for the Spain Road Development Network, Abdulai K. Turay, said, “We want to reduce the suffering of our people.” He underscored that the road is being used by over 3,000 people a day, stressing that it is important for the residents or their community and other passersby.


By Mohamed J. Bah

Tuesday October 23, 2018.

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