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Sierra Leone News: I treat about 50 people a week with acupuncture, cupping – Dr. Crina

Traditional Chinese doctor, Dr. Crina, at Jui hospital, said since she arrived in July, she has been treating about 50 people a week for severe pain with Chinese acupuncture, heating and cupping. “I never knew that Sierra Leoneans accept this Chinese traditional treatment and I have been very pleased to administer this treatment to them because most of them come back telling me that they need acupuncture and cupping.” Dr. Crina averred, “Acupuncture and cupping are very good therapy to eliminate pain, but I always prescribe certain exercises that the patients should do after undergoing the therapy for them to fully heal. The exercises account for about 70% of patient wellness so without the exercises, the patient will not get well easily.” Dr. Crina said she was told that her predecessor Dr. Duke was the one that started the Chinese traditional therapy that has become so popular in Sierra Leone and said she will not relent but to help the people rid the pain from their bodies. Dr. Crina said Traditional Chinese Medicine revolves around the notion that ‘qi,’ the body’s vital energy, flows through meridians, which are paths that connect major organs and bodily functions. Qi is affected by yin and yang, a Chinese concept. Yin and yang, loosely translated as “shady” and “sunny”, are complementary forces that interact in all aspects of life. Qi manifests itself through yin and yang; in order to have optimal health, the amount of yin and yang in the body must be in harmony. “Both cupping therapy and acupuncture are used to treat a broad range of symptoms, relieve pain and promote healing. Cupping therapy uses materials on the surface of the skin, while acupuncture uses needles through the skin. While these needles are small and hardly felt, they are inserted at various depths to pinpoint areas that could help with treatment. Acupuncture may use heat or electric pulses during treatment. Cupping can either be dry or wet. Wet cupping involves controlled medicinal bleeding to draw out toxins. “While cupping therapy continues to work on establishing itself as an alternative treatment method, many practitioners of acupuncture recommend partnering cupping therapy with acupuncture to get the best of both worlds.”

Wednesday October 24, 2018.

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