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Sierra Leone Business: FINIC designs concrete mixer equipment

Fomel Industries and National Industrialization Centre (FINIC) have manufactured a concrete mixer which is an innovative intervention with the hope of helping those involved in the construction business from manual preparation. “This made us to navigate our neurons with the lens to see the convergence of mechanical advantages for the benefit of mankind” said Foday Melvin Kamara, Managing Director. The concrete and mortar mixing he said are back breaking jobs as the drudgery in performing those tasks manually leaves a quality gap in the proper mixing of cement, sand and granite which he says results in weak structures. The toughness and ruggedness of the process Director Kamara said always demand numerical strength in manpower. “Youth groups providing manual service of that nature can be found in all the cardinal points of our cities, notably in Freetown with disgusting characteristics.” He said that home conditions and circumstances were factored into the design by ensuring that spares and components can be sourced in country. Explaining about the technical specifications of the equipment, Kamara said it accommodates a quarter of a bag of cement with its equivalent aggregate. FINIC however is not limited to that size as they also manufacture other equipment with the following maximum specs. They have one that is operated by an 8 horse power diesel engine which uses two bags of cement with its equivalent mixture, and is the batch capacity. According to a video showing the display of the equipment, it takes about four minutes to perform in its purpose of homogeneous mixing of a batch. It is an easy discharge of mixture equipped with a clutch mechanism that can engage and disengage the drive from the engine and hence the mixing bowl.  It can be mounted on wheels for ease of mobility, can also be fitted with an electric motor and it has a sturdy construction with easy to replace spares. On its range of applications, the equipment can be used for many things like mixing of concrete, mortar for cement bricks, cement and clay for clay bricks, blending of poultry feed and blending of charcoal powder for briquettes making. Director Kamara said that since December 2016 to date they at FINIC have been using it to blend base material in the making of Shisha coal which is now supplied to hotels, super markets and entertainment centres across the country.

By Zainab Iyamide Joaque

Monday November 05, 2018.

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