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Sierra Leone News: ICASL celebrates 30yrs

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sierra Leone has celebrated 30 year of ‘upward trajectory’, according to its President, with lots of positive impacts on the lives of their members and the sector in particular. At a dinner and recognition certification ceremony at the Radisson Blu Mammy Yoko Hotel on Friday 2 November, the institute converged to celebrate their successes. The President of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sierra Leone, Buffy Bailor, said the institute in the past 30 years have been going in an ‘upward trajectory” thereby creating lots of impact in the lives of Sierra Leoneans. The Institute was established by three individuals, 30-years ago. Set up by an Act of Parliament the Institute was given the mandate to promote and regulate the accounting profession with the aim of ensuring integrity, objectivity, independent, confidentiality and professionalism among members. With a membership strength of 248 including 197 men and 51 women with a total of 11 registered practicing firms and 5 members holding a practicing institute certificate. A council that encompasses eight elected and three government appointed members including all past presidents who sits at the council as ex-officio members governs the institute. Presently, there are 18 members serving on the council, which is the administrative body, which is headed by a Director. In terms of capacity building and partnership with world accounting institutions, the Institute partnered with the Association of Chartered Accountants of United Kingdom through which they were able to train more than 100 chartered accountants with accounting techniques through their joint education scheme which was established in 1996. Representative from the ACCA from United Kingdom, George Njari, congratulated the Sierra Leone Institute of Chartered Accountants for their 30 years of existence pointing, based on the level of professionalism demonstrated by them. He said as an international accounting body they believe in working with national professionals. The President of ICASL said most of their members hold strategic positions in both private and public sector including the Auditor General stressing that membership of the institute includes accountants from accountancy bodies worldwide especially the West African sub-region, the United Kingdom and the United State of America.


By Mohamed Kabba

Twitter: @chikakabba

Tuesday November 06, 2018.

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