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Sierra Leone News: N’Fah Alie heads pre-election ECOWAS team to Nigeria

The Chief Electoral Commissioner of Sierra Leone’s National Electoral Commission, Mohamed N’Fah Alie Conteh, has been appointed by ECOWAS to head a pre-election fact finding mission to Nigeria ahead of their Presidential election on 16th February 2019. His appointment is in line with the ECOWAS Supplementary Protocol on Democracy and Good Governance in the sub-region ahead of every elections, the regional body appoints credible electoral commissioners to embark on two weeks mission to collect all texts governing the concerned elections. The pre-election fact finding mission to Nigeria which started on 1st November is expected to end on 15th November 2018, with the aim of gathering all information on the conditions under which the elections shall be conducted. In a letter from the ECOWAS Commissioner of Political Affairs, Peace and Security, General Francis A. Behanzin, the team will collect pertinent information relating to the contesting candidates of political parties, meet all candidates, leaders of political parties, government authorities and other competent bodies, and as well gather any other useful information that may provide a clear picture of the situation relating to the electoral process. The appointment of Mohamed N’Fah Alie Conteh came as a result of the credibility and level of independence and professionalism displayed by himself and team during the recent General Elections. It could be recalled that ahead of the country’s May 2018 national elections, the ECOWAS Pre-Election fact-finding mission team headed by Professor Yakubu, the INEC Chairman for Nigeria visited Sierra Leone in 2017 and went across the country and engaged stakeholders and key players before the elections. According to the External Outreach Director for the National Electoral Commission (NEC), Albert Massaquoi, the appointment came at a time when a lot had been done on their part to ensure credibility pointing out that the just concluded elections was a plus on their part and that of the country. Massaquoi said, “NEC has been accepted internationally thereby urging for an export of experience to the sub-region.” He went on, “The just concluded elections was accepted by voters, ECOWAS, and International observers which prompted the need to appoint him for his experience and expertise to lead the Nigeria pre-election mission,” he outlined. Other members of the ECOWAS 6 man Nigeria pre-election team includes, Charlotte Osei, former Chair, Electoral Commission, Ghana, Joseph Colley, Director Operation IEC Gambia, Aderemi Aiibewa, Director Political Affairs, ECOWAS, Good Governance Division, ECOWAS, and Onyinye Onwuka, head of the Political Affairs and International Cooperation Division, ECOWAS.


By Mohamed Kabba


Tuesday November 06, 2018.


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