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Sierra Leone News: Juba Bridge will cost $2.4m

The Lumley to Juba bridge is seriously affected by traffic congestion on a daily basis and according to the Director General of the Sierra Leone Road Authority, Amara Jambai Kanneh, one way to tackle traffic congestion is to expand the Juba bridge into four lanes. Secondly, the construction of a market and a parking centre will help relieve traffic congestion to relocate traders and drivers. He said, “The Chinese government has already provided a grant of $1.5 million USD for the widening of the bridge,” but it will cost more than $2.4 million USD. The Deputy Minister of Finance, Patricia Lavalie, pointed out that the government is fully committed to fund the completion of the on-going road projects, adding that it was recently manifested by government by paying out over Le300 billion to road contractors. He furthered that the completion of the Atlantic Road – Juba Bridge is a project that is funded by the government of Sierra Leone, which he said will provide another exit route to ease the traffic congestion at the Lumley axis. She appealed to road users to exercise some amount of patience and give the workers a chance to do their work. The police have recently closed the Safecon round-about to limit traffic from moving east around the corner onto the top of the Lumley Beach Road and down towards the beach. A traffic police officer said drivers must now proceed to the round-about at the base of Spur Road/Lumley Police Station and come back towards the Beach Road to make the turn. A road user in Lumley, Joseph Kaimbaima, noted “The traffic in this part of the city is too much and I think the only solution for it to be minimised is for government to relocate these traders, who I think are the main factor of such a nemesis.”


By Mohamed J. Bah

Thursday November 08, 2018.

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