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Sierra Leone News: SLBC should be the BBC of Sierra Leone-HonMohamed Bangura

Honourable Mohamed Bangura, (APC) of Constituency 066, Karena, on Friday 9 November 2018 disclosed he wants the Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC) to be the BBC of Sierra Leone. He made this call while discussing the approval of six Presidential nominees including;

  1. Murtala Mohamed Sesay – Chair, National Medical Supply Agency,
  2. Ibrahim Saga Shaw – Commissioner, Right to Access of Information,
  3. Henry H.Kuyembeh – Member, National Medical Supply Agency,
  4. Shaka Samuel Sannoh- Chief Executive, Sierra Leone Small and Medium Enterprise Development Agency,
  5. Melinda Ayodele Princess Davies- Board Member Independent Media Commission (IMC),
  6. Gina Banda Thomas – Chair, Board of Trustees SLBC.

The Motion for their approval was moved by the Leader of Government Business, Hon. Sidi Mohamed Tunis, (SLPP) in Constituency 101, Pujehun, and seconded by Hon. Hassan AbdoulSesay, (APC) from Constituency 050, Tonkolili. According to Hon. Bangura, it is shameful that the African Young Voices (AYV) is the leading television broadcaster in the country when there is a national broadcaster that belongs to the people. “It is unfair for the SLBC to suffer the way it is suffering under our watchful eyes,” he said, calling on the Presidential nominee, Gina Banda Thomas to go and revamp the SLBC to regain its lost glory. Hon.Bangura pleaded with the Government to ensure they provide the required funding to get the SLBC into its rightful position, explaining that the current Director General is a result-oriented individual with a wealth of media experience. According to Hon. Ibrahim Ben Kargbo, (APC) from Constituency 034, Bombali, the appointmentsare taking a national view as people are now being appointed from all regions across the country. He disclosed President Bio is now appointing good journalists into his government. He called on the nominee to the IMC for her to continue pleading with others for them to move the media towards self-regulation. He disclosed the SLBC, IMC and Access to Information are very instrumental in the democratic process of the government. MPs present approved the six Presidential nominees without any dissenting views.


By Alhaji M. Kamara

Monday November 12, 2018.

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