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Sierra Leone News: Polytech is not to give out university diplomas – Magbally Fyle

In approving 6 Presidential nominees on Friday 16 November 2018 the Honourable Mathew Sahr Nyuma (SLPP) representing Constituency 019, in Kenema, read out excerpts of the interviews by the Committee on Appointments on the 6 nominees. In the report the nominee for the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC), Prof. Cecil Magbailly Fyle, was quoted as saying that Polytechnics are now trying to transform themselves into universities, which is the wrong approach. We need to stress the polytechnics cater for the middle level education, … the whole idea of polytechnics is the technical power of their education. The essence is not to give out university degrees, but to enhance people with technical skills to make them more functional in our society,” he said. According to Prof. Fyle the functions of the Tertiary Education Commission is to ensure colleges do not operate unless approved by the TEC, maintaining they need to look at their physical structures, staffing, level of intake and curricula before approval. “TEC does not however have the mandate to close any institutions and that is the problem,” he said, disclosing they have submitted their TEC Act to government for amendment that would empower them to stop some of those institutions that fail to meet the criteria. Seconding the motion to approve the nominees the Hon. Hassan Abdoul Sesay (APC) Constituency 050, in Tonkolili, pointed out that the education sector lacks quality representation, which was responsible for it’s downfall. He said he was however hopeful because with the appointment of Prof Cecil Magbally Fyle, “I’m sure things will be right”. Lawyer Ansu Baatillo Lansana, one of the approved Independent Media Commissioners (IMC) said he would draw on his wealth of experience and expertise to ensure that the IMC achieve those objectives for which it was established, assuring he will cooperate with his colleagues and work to take the IMC to another level. Prof Patrick Francis Taylor, another approved IMC member, said given the fact that the media in today’s world is almost entirely electronic, he thinks his experience and expertise would enable him to make meaningful contribution to achieve those goals for which the IMC was established. Eranus Tappeh Christian Thompson, IMC member, said most of the news and messages on social media are derogatory and damaging to the character and integrity of other social media users. “I think this must stop or be regulated. I think IMC needs to target those persons who initiate or do the first postings. We cannot put restrictions on everyone but we can devise a way to identify the persons who do the first postings,” he said. Responding about the high media concentration in Freetown, Victor Salifu Suma, member IMC, said many people have mistakenly taken Freetown to represent Sierra Leone. He is advocating for the decentralization of media houses and training institutions. “I promise to go strictly by the Act and the policies that would be made thereto,” said Chair Board of Directors Sierra Leone Investment and Export Promotion Agency Board (SLIEPA) Jonathan J. George. Hon. Foday Roland Kargbo (APC) Constituency 064 in Karena, said the nomination clearly demonstrates how very lucky the nominees are to have caught the eye of President Bio. He maintained it is high time they started holding non-performing public officials accountable for things that go wrong in their institution rather than closing down those institutions.


By Alhaji M. Kamara

Monday November 19, 2018.

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