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Sierra Leone News: Water crisis hits Kenema Hospital – halts operations and services

The Kenema Government Hospital has been without running water for over a week, halting operations, hampering service delivery and traumatizing patients and hospital staff. According to visiting relatives of in-patients, the toilets are not functioning and people are defecating and urinating outside the buildings. “These unsanitary practices have created an overwhelming stench,” complained one Hospital visitor.  The Hospital Secretary Joseph T. Kamara confirmed there has been no running water in the pipes for over a week. “The water crisis has halted the work of a team of German doctors who are in Kenema to give free operations,” he lamented. Patients and relatives continue to struggle for water. Patient visitors are often sent outside the Hospital compound to retrieve buckets of water or to buy bundles of packaged water. Kamara said the ongoing rehabilitation work on the streets in Kenema is damaging water pipes. Apparently, a major pipe leading to the Hospital from Kambui Hill was damaged. The Kenema City Council and SALWACO have been notified. John Augustine Farawah, the Station Manager of SALWACO, in Kenema, said it is the Kenema City Council that is currently carrying on rehabilitation work on the streets. But, according to Farawah, the Council did not consult utility companies about the ongoing work.


By Saffa B. Moriba in Kenema

Thursday November 23, 2018.

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