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Sierra Leone Sports:  Golf is gentle game for gentlemen – Lamin Turay 

One of the Golf Professional players from the Gambia, Lamin Turay, who was part of the players that took part in this year Sierra Leone Golf Open has said that the golf sport is a gentle game. He stated that he has been playing golf for over 27 years now without    hesitation Lamin said he is going to create serious impact in the tournament this year. He went further to give courage to the caddies because he said he started as a caddy in his country before he became a professional. James Brown is a retired professional golfer. He began his career in the early 1960s as a caddy. He went on to win the Sierra Leone Open Tournament three times in the 1970s. He still caddies occasionally and continues to coach young golfers. According to the Captain of the club, Arne Johansen, the club was founded in January 1904 by British officers of military units in Sierra Leone. The first President was Lt. Col. Dalrymple-Hay. The original course was situated at Brookfields, Freetown. A building in the first instance, rented for the use as a clubhouse. In 1909 a clubhouse was erected, the cost being defrayed by voluntary contributions from members. At the end of 1928 the club left Brookfields and moved to the present site at Lumley Beach. A nine-hole course was laid out and completed for play in July 1929 during which time the temporary clubhouse was erected. In 1933 the course was extended to twelve holes and more permanent Club was opened in 1935. The present Club House was built in 1942 by Military Authorities for use jointly by Club Members and Officers of H.M. Forces stationed in Sierra Leone. This building was purchased by the Club in 1946. Due to war time necessity of laying a road along what was the first fairway and the erection of the new Club House on the third green, the course was once more reduced to nine holes. An additional piece of land fifteen acres in extent adjoining the course was purchase by the club in 1947 and in 1949 the course was once again increased to twelve holes.


By Bernard Turay

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Monday November 26, 2018.



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