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Sierra Leone News: Local PWD chair promises to build homes, eliminate street begging by March 2019

Two weeks ago, Charilos Sheku Mohamed Koroma was elected to serve as chair of the House of Jesus for the disabled along Wallace Johnson Street. He has been given a four-year mandate in order to transform the lives of disabled who are living in that part of Freetown. There are over 50 disabled who are residing at House of Jesus Home, in zinc shacks and 70% of them depend on street begging in order to look after their children and wives. According to the newly elected chair, he will change the narrative of disabled under his purview as chair. He noted, “having served as a Secretary General under the last administration, I have gained so much experience in order to help my colleagues.” He was full of election promises. He pointed out that his main agenda is to transform the lives of disabled at the House of Jesus by constructing 270 homes, a school and a vocational training institute, a recreational centre, worshipping centres and other facilities at their land at Waterloo. The chair said they have already won the project for the construction of the 270 homes, adding, by December to January they will be digging the wells that will be supplying water to construct the so-called housing project. Koroma said my immediate plan “is to ensure that I advocate for women in order for them to get livelihood support such as microcredit finance”, adding that they are more vulnerable compared to men. He promised to withdraw his colleagues from begging in the street by the end of March 2019. Mohamed Sesay said, “It is a good initiative by the Chair of House of Jesus, only if he is able to implement all of those plans. He noted that disabled are difficult people to deal with.”


By Mohamed J Bah

Tuesday November 27, 2018.

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