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Sierra Leone Bussiness: MCH week cost Le2.4billion

As the Ministry of health and it partners ended the maternal and child health week’ across seven districts, the Deputy Directorate of Food and Nutrition in the Ministry of Health Solade Pyne Bailey has said that the entire process cost 2.346 billion Leones. The maternal child health week targeted close to a million under -5 children. According to the Deputy Directorate, that is a huge sum of money and called on parent to make good use of the opportunity. She thanked UNICEF, and the government of Canada through their Global Affair Canada department for their technical, financial and logistic support to the Maternal and Child Health Week (MCHW) She said the (MCHW) is a week designated for the provision of integrated package of preventive health and nutrition services known to be highly cost effective for improving maternal and child health and survival development. It includes the delivery of vitamin Supplement, deworming, routine immunization defaulter tracing, malaria service uptake and referral of pregnant women for antenatal care at community level  She pointed out that the first round of mass distribution of high impact preventive services were delivered in April, 2018 while the second round is scheduled for 23-26 November 2018 in seven districting, which are Bombali, Bonthe, Kambia, Moyamba, PortLoko, Western Rural and Western Urban Districts, adding that it will be free of cost. Amongst the activities that took place are the vitamin A, supplementation for children from 6-59 months, deworming with Albendazole for children 12-59 months, RI defaulter tracing for children 0-23 months and key social mobilisation messages on infection , prevention and control , antenatal clinic and malaria prevention and control. A total of 954,880 children under 5 years were targeted, 282,459 children under two years were traced to vaccinate defaulters on the routine immunization and 338,852 pregnant women will be targeted for referral to ante-natal care visits” Vitamin A is essential to support rapid growth and help to combat common infection like diarrhoea, measles, pneumonia, she pointed out that lack of Vitamin A can lead to blindness, and the above sicknesses. According to Dr .Tom Sesay “these vaccine are very safe and efficacious. There is no significant side effect observed. He said there are significant improvement from the MIC 2017 survey result, noting that infant mortality reduced from 92/1000 live births to 56/1000 live births, adding that under 5 mortality has reduced from156/1000 to 94/1000 between the 2013 DHS and the 2017 MICS survey. He said “currently all 1300 facilities are providing immunization services and vaccination against tuberculosis, poliomyelitis, diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, haemphillus influenza, hepatitis, yellow fever, Vitamin A, and other integrated prevention.

Mohamed J. Bah

Thursday December 03, 2018.

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