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Sierra Leone Bussiness: Palm fruits digester designed

The Palm Fruits Digester is a machine that crushes, digests or macerates the fruits after they have been steamed or boiled, it was designed by FINIC. The machine does not only crush the fruits but also washes the resulting mash and separates the nuts and chaff or fiber from the palm butter containing the oil. The Digester is fed in batches each of 160 kg of palm fruits and each batch lasts for about 8 minutes from crushing to washing. The machine is powered by a Diesel engine of 12 Horsepower. It can also be powered by an electric motor of equal power where a generator set or connection to the national grid is available. This equipment is just one of the machinery forming a system to make a palm oil mill of 2 tons per hour capacity. Others forming the machinery are palm bunches sterilizer, Palm fruits thresher, settling tank, and a clarifier. “I think Africa requires the kind of talent we have because the economy of Africa is heavily depended on agriculture. If the Agriculture strives to turn the farmer into a dignified liberated person which machine can do, then that would be helpful” said Foday Melvin Kamara, FINIC Managing Director. With this equipment, Kamara is hopeful that the importation of food from other countries to Africa will stop and then farmers will have value for what they do. “For that, I would like really to serve Africa” he said.

By Zainab Iyamide Joaque

Thursday December 03, 2018.

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