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Sierra Leone News: President Bio promises hospitals for Koinadugu and Falaba Districts

As part of his thank you visit, President Julius Maada Bio has promised to construct a mini hospital for Koinadugu and Falaba districts.  “I have not only come to say thank you for everything you have done for me, I have also come to tell you that the government will soon embark on the construction of two mini hospitals, one for each district. I am also launching the Ambulance Service that will help ease the movement of sick people to the nearby health centres,” President Bio said. He called on the people of Koinadugu and Falaba to accept the first phase of the free and quality education package, and allow their children to attend school. He maintained that by next academic year, his government would begin to give uniforms to every school pupil across the nation. President Julius Maada Bio visited the Kabala School for the Blind, assessed the conditions in the school, the free quality education and also made a donation as he had earlier promised few years back “that I will return to you as president of Sierra Leone.” Welcoming the President and his entourage, Head Teacher of the Blind School, Emmanuel Mansaray, confessed that since the establishment of the school, some 32 years ago, that was the only time a sitting president had visited. “We are happy today because this day will go down in the history of the Kabala School for the Blind, that on 29th November 2018 President Julius Maada Bio visited us as the first President to have done so in 32 years,” he said.  Mansaray, however, called on the government to kindly look into their conditions and to help them to fence the school so that passersby would not disturb classes in progress. He also pleaded for a library, vehicle to transport pupils in times of emergency and most importantly to help them recruit more teachers. Minister of State North, Abu Abu Abdulai Koroma, called on the people of the north to embrace the President and support his government reduce the level of corruption in the country. Member of Parliament for Constituency 039 in Falaba district, Honourable Mohamed Billoh Sow, joined other speakers in thanking President Bio and his entourage and disclosed that the good leadership of the President could be found in the 2019 budget, which allocated huge resources to infrastructure development in Koinadugu and Falaba districts. “The 2019 budget just answered the question of why I opted to become a Member of Parliament. It was to help the people of Koinadugu and Falaba to have that road now being constructed,” he noted. President Julius Maada Bio thanked the people for their support, adding that he was going to work hard in uniting and developing the country. He said that it was deliberate when the administration allocated funds for the construction work in the district. He also recognised the Minister of Trade and Industry, Peter Bayuku Conteh, a native of the district and with whose support they were able to build the newest modern structure to expand its facility and administrative block. The Minister of Basic and Senior Secondary Education, Alpha Osman Timbo, told the President that he had visited the Kabala School for the Blind on two occasions since his appointment. He added that most of the requests made by the head teacher were on his desk and promised that his ministry would work tirelessly to raise standards in the school and make its environment very conducive. When addressing the gathering, President Julius Maada Bio told the Kabala School for the Blind that his visit was not only for a hand shake as the blind pupils had always requested, but he said that the significance of the visit was to inspire the blind that even in their current state, they can still be educated and add value to society. “I did not only visit to meet the request for a handshake in your letter to me, I have also come here because even when I was not president we have been friends and partners in development. But most importantly, I am here to tell you that even in your current condition you can be educated and help solve the many challenges that society is faced with today,” he explained.


By Betty Milton

Monday December 03 2018.

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