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Sierra Leone News: CSO’s complete micro activities with youth and women

A few weeks ago, Search for Common Ground and Centre for Coordination Youth Activities (CCYA) dished out over Le51 million to twelve CSOs in six districts to implement two micro activities.  This disbursement came as a continuation of the micro activities project with CSOs, which is for three years and aims to increase accountability and citizen participation in local decision-making around service delivery in rural Sierra Leone. It also promotes the participation of women and youth in activities that increase their knowledge of their civic rights and responsibilities in relation to local governance and other development process, implemented in Kono Pujehun Koinadugu, Kambia, Moyamba and Port Loko, and it’s being funded by European Union and will run till 2019.    Amongst the activities undertaken by this CSO’s are increasing women’s participation in revenue generation and utilization for effective service delivery undertaken by United for the Protection of Human Right (UPHR-SL) and Self Help and Development Everywhere (SHADE) in Kambia district. They also engaged in dialogues with relevant stakeholders on the free education policy undertaken by Arise for Development Youth Organisation in Port Loko, the role and responsibilities for women, undertaken by Women in Need of Development in Kono, community sensitization on the need to pay taxes and attending meeting at ward level, undertaken by Women Advocacy Network in Kabala and also organising spelling bees and the impact of the free quality education amongst others.   The Project Officer, Tsitsi Muvunzi, said in 2017, Search and CCYA organised a series of training in ‘peer to peer civic sensitization and dialogue for women and youth”, adding that in each district 24 representatives of CSO’s were trained as peer to peer, able to lead community activities to engage their peers. She said, “In August 2017, twelve activities were implemented, six by women CSOs, two per district and six by youth CSOs, two per district. This year also in November 2018 Search and CCYA also gave out micro grants to CSOs to implement micro activities in line with their activity plan the CSOs developed with consultations from their communities” implemented two micro activities.     Muvunzi furthered, “the micro activities increase understanding of and demand for accountability and participation in democratic governance in rural communities”, adding that a total of 12 micro activities were implemented. She said the micro activities are intended to ensure that the CSOs put into effect the skills that they acquired during the various training that they have been benefiting from the project P2P training, non-violent training and community scorecard training. The winners of the spelling bee competition in Port Loko, Richard M. Kamara, from the Educaid Junior Secondary School, noted, “I am very happy for winning such a competition and I want to thank the organisers and funders for such a competition.


By Mohamed J. Bah

Wednesday December 05, 2018.

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