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Sierra Leone News: Investor accuses Lands Ministry of vandalism in Grafton

The Operations Director of Mackie Group, Tarek Mackie, on Monday 3 December 2018 cried foul over what he described as a “super violation” of his rights and privileges by the Lands Ministry. He made this statement after some officials from the Lands Ministry allegedly destroyed a fence on property owned by Grosvenor Investment Holdings. Mackie accused the Lands Ministry and Acting Director of Lands, Ibrahim Cooper, of sending vandals to destroy the fence. Mackie said they are working on the land and have documents to prove ownership. The Acting Deputy Director of Lands, Cooper, denied the allegation. He said, “The Ministry of Lands is a first class Ministry and a decent one too, and will never involve in such a practice.” He said the only people the Ministry have issues with are those securing lands through illegal means. Grosvenor Investment Holdings is strategically located in Grafton. It has a total of 50 warehouses spread across 45,000 square metres, and it is to be constructed within the park. This park will be used as stores as well as for rentals. Tarek Mackie, Operations Director of Mackie Groups and a business associate of Grosvenor, said he feels discouraged as an investor. It was his candid opinion that what the Lands Ministry has done to Grosvenor has the tendency to discourage investment plans. Tarek said he will take the matter to the Anti-Corruption Commission as soon as possible. “The Lands Ministry is violating Grosvenor Investment Holdings, and that is why this country is not attractive to investors,” Tarek said. The Chair and Chief Executive Officer, Nasser Soufan, said he felt the urge to contribute to the development and growth of the nation. He said he is closely involved with various projects and intended to empower the people of Sierra Leone by providing employment opportunities. Some of the on going and upcoming projects include: Grafton Industrial Warehouse where five warehouses are ready to be used, eight are currently under construction and the rest are in the pipeline.


By Sulaiman Karim Sesay (Intern)

Wednesday December 05, 2018.

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