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Well, it’s all gone and we’ve headed fast into the New Year. We are now counting a week but soon it will be months. Perhaps, what could be said of January is for those who made resolutions to ensure that all their resolutions stick as the count down begins. Of course, you’ve tried before but despite your best intentions, most of those resolutions seem to go up in smoke. Without proper thought and planning, most resolutions are doomed to fail. And that can be worse than making no resolution at all. However, it takes courage to change and the psychological impact of a New Year can give us just the boost we need. The early days of the New Year is a wonderful opportunity for self-improvement. The backslider feels bad about himself and begins to discount the importance of making any personal changes. Too often, people make resolutions at the spur of the moment without thinking how they’re going to carry them out. A resolution to start a good habit is easier to implement than a pledge to break a bad one. However, everyday is the beginning of a new year. If you have a bad day and you’re cross with everyone, you don’t have to wait until December to be cheerful again. After you say, “Happy New Year”, your next three words should be, “I resolve to
For those who have already failed to keep up with their New Year resolutions, take heart as there is always the Chinese New Year to try again. Well, rating your kids in the New Year, how about using this formula, as the order they’re born affects their personalities. Only child: the lack of competition makes boys self sufficient but perhaps self-centred. Girls, can absorb father’s masculine expectations becoming competitive, keen to please authority figures but not natural mothers. Eldest child: likes to give orders. Girls can be perfectionist but with mixed siblings can adopt a mothering role. Boys with no sisters can lack feminine social skills and be shy with women Youngest child: find it hard to adopt the role of parent. Boys may have feminine traits and with mixed siblings, lack ambition or interest in detail. Girls can seem independent but need guidance and can be very feminine but spoilt. Middle child: tend to have wide interests and be popular with the opposite sex but competition for attention can give boys a sense of inferiority and make girls seem demanding. Life in these United States of America… continues to be enthralling and interesting. For instance, a factory worker in Michigan went missing for a couple of hours and when the boss finally found him, he was fast asleep. Rather than wake him up, he quietly placed a note on the man’s chest. “As long as you’re asleep,” the note said, “you have a job but as soon as you wake up, you’re fired.” Thought for the week: The cheapest way to have your family traced is to run for public office.


By Rod Mac-Johnson

Friday January 11, 2019.


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