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Sierra Leone News: Iran celebrates 40th Anniversary of Islamic Victory

The Embassy of the Cultural Revolution of Iran has commemorates the 40th Anniversary of the Victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, at the International Institute of Islamic Studies on 58 Wilkinson Road in Freetown. The celebration is a yearly event used to reflect on challenges faced the Cultural Revolution state from been sanctioned, marginalized and present strives made 40 years ago in the area of education, medicines, infrastructure, agriculture and tourism among other gains. During this year 40th anniversary commemoration the special guest speaker, the Secretary for the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution of Iran, Professor Reza Ameli, recalled that in 1979 Islamic Revolution and political struggle during the Shite Islamic revolution became triumphant after lots of disadvantages from few people that had wanted to control and mute the world. The Secretary for the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution of Iran said 40 years ago there were 5,500 medical doctors but now they have 77,000 with 24,000 specialists and 34,000 dentists. Prof. Ameli said there is every need to go for knowledge so as to be rational though other doctrines are forced on the majority by the West. He said according to the teachings of the Holy Quran, mankind needs to think deeply before acting wrongly. He said 95% of medicine used in Iran is being produces there. They are confortable in the area of science, agriculture, human resources, institutions, infrastructures and health as a result of the love of God. The Minister of Tourism and Cultural Affairs Memunatu Pratt said the Islamic Republic ‘s political system is unique since it highlights a combination of theocratic, ideological, constitutional and some semblance of democratic norms. Pratt said before the revolution considerable share of the population was living in poverty especially in 1977 stressing that according to the World Bank, 46% of Iranians were living below the poverty line. She outlined that the figure has declined to 8% of their citizens are now living on less than $2 a day as far back as 2015.


By Mohamed Kabba

Wednesday February 06, 2019.



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